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1. Murray G. Brett- Growing Up in Grace [This book discusses how God gives us grace post-salvation, and how we can cultivate his grace through bible study, prayer, etc. There are some great “scenarios” at the end of each chapter. Brett writes a story about a hypothetical person’s spiritual life and asks how you would apply the chapter to that person. He gives no answers, so it is up to you to seriously consider the person’s options. Best part of the book by far. This guy is a hardcore Reformer. When he gets going he sounds like the KJV. That makes him more spiritual right? Any takers? Didn’t think so! Joking aside, good book.]

2. Pat Gilbert- Passion is a Fashion: The Real Story of the Clash [Probably the best Clash bio available in book form. Other than watching the Westway to the World documentary this is the place to go for all that Clash info that you never knew you wanted to know. Even though Gilbert is obviously a huge fan he treats some of the more controversial issues objectively. Excellent.]

3. R. Kent Hughes- Disciplines of a Godly Man [Been sloggin’ through this one for a while now. Good book, practical but hard to get into. Some of the examples are laughably dated, but the spiritual principles will always be valid and applicable. The book’s title says it all]

4. Mark A. Noll- The New Shape of World Christianity [Just started this so not much to say. An academic text that objectively discusses the how the North American church effects world Christianity. Should be interesting. This is a review copy.]

5. Pauline Rivelli & Robert Levin, Eds.- Giants of Black Music [A book about Avant-Garde Jazz written contemporaneously with the movement?! More, please! This book is made of articles from the long defunct Jazz & Pop magazine, it was published in 1970. Gotta love the old school politically incorrect title…]

6. Alyn Shipton- A New History of Jazz: Revised Edition [Holy crap this is a mammoth tome. Not only is it a giant book, it is also over 700 pages long! Then again he is covering 100 years of music in one book. One of the better Jazz histories out there as it doesn’t short-shift Free Jazz and more modern stuff. Beats the hell outta that Ken Burns guy!]


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