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Monthly Archives: September 2009

To be honest, I was not impressed with the music of 2007 and 2008. With some obvious exceptions (Such as Radiohead’s In Rainbows) I just didn’t get into current releases. Mostly, I collected the catalogues of classic bands and avoided new music.

But seriously what is it with 2009?! There is so much good music coming out this year that there has been at least one record per month that I have greatly anticipated. My year end top ten will turn into a top twenty this year, I can almost guarantee it.

For the record here are my current favs from this year along with briefer than brief commentary (Currently not ordered, but at the end of the year my list will be):

  • Derek Webb- Stockholm Syndrome [Derek goes electronica but holds onto the biting lyrics. His best musically, and lyrically too. If the only word you hear on this album is four letters long you aren’t listening…]
  • Thrice- Beggars [Easily their best album, and that’s just from the initial listen.]
  • House of Heroes- The End Is Not The End [How many Christian artists release concept records? How many artists release concept records about World War II? How many Christian artists release concept records about World War II? How many do you think could pull it off? I can think of one.]
  • Project 86- Picket Fence Cartel [improvement over the past two releases, still figuring out how it holds up to the “classics”]
  • Joy Electric- Curiosities and Such [honestly why didn’t Ronnie go mono years ago?]
  • Sleeping Giant- Sons of Thunder [phenomenal Spirit-filled hardcore… which reminds me, isn’t there  a series I should be completing…?]
  • As Cities Burn- Hell or High Water [good record to go out on…. -10,000,000 points to T&N for making “Gates” a download only bonus track… shouldn’t the PHYSICAL releases be the ones with bonuses? Sigh.]
  • Boarders- The World Hates Me [very fun metal with obvious but divergent influences… dig the Megadeth cover]
  • Ultimatum- Lex Metalis [as cover albums go, this is among the best]
  • For Today- Portraits [10 musical “portraits” of biblical characters. A Spirit-filled hardcore concept record? Never thought I’d hear that, glad I did]

I like Sundays and I like church, here is a random list of things that happened today:

  • got up at 6:00am so I could make it to the 9am bible study. Resolutely decide to maintain my new Vegetarian diet at the breakfast….
  • My headphones break on the bus- right side completely dies. Silently decide that every pair of headphones I ever own will last no longer than six months. Realize that every pair I’ve had in the past three years, from no name $10 earbuds to $150 Shure canalphones have all broken within six months. At least they’re still under warranty.
  • Arrive at bible study 1/2 hr early. Actually meet people. Some may one day be my friends(!) Fancy that, actually knowing people in this city.
  • Notice the Continental Breakfast. No meat to tempt me.
  • Arrive at church. Actually sing out loud. Have my face literally preached off. Greek verb tenses are fun.
  • Pick up DVD series that Pastor Shawn left for me, titled “Sex and the City of God” (clever)- Series was an afternoon topical study on… well the title kinda gives it away. Looking forward to watching (getting face preached off more)
  • Realize there is a Future shop that is a 20 min walk from church- hopefully they will give me an exchange even if I don’t have my receipt…
  • …GREAT SUCCESS! To the woman at the service desk, Future Shop on Upper James: You are awesome. Seriously the best service I’ve ever received at a Future Shop. If I remembered your name I’d write an e-mail to FS headquarters commending you.
  • Hey look, it’s The Beat Goes On– right across the street from Future Shop. Sackcloth Fashion is pulling a fast one on my stereo. Whoo.
  • Really hungry now. Look Quiznos. Grudgingly eat chicken. Need to last longer than two days next time! (LOL)
  • Realize Hamilton Bus service on Sundays is bad.
  • Finally get home at 6 pm…. might as well have stayed on the Mountain for the evening service. Oh well.
  • Decide to watch live broadcast of evening service

Unfortunately due to a stressful weekend I have not had the time to complete the second section of my series on The “New Wave” of Spirit-filled Hardcore. I apologize for this delay- it will be posted next week