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I like Sundays and I like church, here is a random list of things that happened today:

  • got up at 6:00am so I could make it to the 9am bible study. Resolutely decide to maintain my new Vegetarian diet at the breakfast….
  • My headphones break on the bus- right side completely dies. Silently decide that every pair of headphones I ever own will last no longer than six months. Realize that every pair I’ve had in the past three years, from no name $10 earbuds to $150 Shure canalphones have all broken within six months. At least they’re still under warranty.
  • Arrive at bible study 1/2 hr early. Actually meet people. Some may one day be my friends(!) Fancy that, actually knowing people in this city.
  • Notice the Continental Breakfast. No meat to tempt me.
  • Arrive at church. Actually sing out loud. Have my face literally preached off. Greek verb tenses are fun.
  • Pick up DVD series that Pastor Shawn left for me, titled “Sex and the City of God” (clever)- Series was an afternoon topical study on… well the title kinda gives it away. Looking forward to watching (getting face preached off more)
  • Realize there is a Future shop that is a 20 min walk from church- hopefully they will give me an exchange even if I don’t have my receipt…
  • …GREAT SUCCESS! To the woman at the service desk, Future Shop on Upper James: You are awesome. Seriously the best service I’ve ever received at a Future Shop. If I remembered your name I’d write an e-mail to FS headquarters commending you.
  • Hey look, it’s The Beat Goes On– right across the street from Future Shop. Sackcloth Fashion is pulling a fast one on my stereo. Whoo.
  • Really hungry now. Look Quiznos. Grudgingly eat chicken. Need to last longer than two days next time! (LOL)
  • Realize Hamilton Bus service on Sundays is bad.
  • Finally get home at 6 pm…. might as well have stayed on the Mountain for the evening service. Oh well.
  • Decide to watch live broadcast of evening service